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P.O.Box 7185 Deerfield IL United States 60015

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Covidien Medical Supplies 

U.S. Headquarters Covidien 15 Hampshire Street Mansfield, MA 02048

  • 508-261-8000

"Though formed as Covidien in 2007, Covidien traces its roots to 1903 when Henry P. Kendall took over a small textile mill in Walpole, Massachusetts, that produced cotton batts, carpet linings and absorbent cotton. The company later developed health and hygienic products. A number of other medical device companies eventually came together with the Kendall Company to form the foundation for Covidien.

By 1994, Kendall had become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of disposable medical supplies, wound care dressings, bandaging, elastic support and other vascular compression products. It became the basis of the Tyco Healthcare business when it was acquired by the company that year, along with Classic Medical, Uni-Patch and Promeon."

Covidien is:

  • A large global healthcare products... More