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Cottonelle® Fresh Care  Depend  Depend ® FIT-FLEX ®  Depend ® Night Defense ®  Depend ® Silhouette ® Active Fit ®  Depend ®Adjustable  Depend ®Night Defense  Depend®  Depend® Real Fit®  Depend® for Men  Depend® Night Defense®  Depend® Silhouette®  Depend® Silhouette® Active Fit®  GoodNites ®  GoodNites®  Healthy Workplace Project*  Huggies ® Little Snugglers  Huggies ® OverNites  Huggies ® Simply Clean ®  Huggies ® Snug & Dry  Huggies® Natural Care®  Huggies®  Huggies® Little Movers  Huggies® Little Snugglers  Huggies® Little Swimmers®  Huggies® Natural Care®  Huggies® Overnite  Huggies® Simply Clean  Huggies® Simply Clean®  Huggies® Snug & Dry  Huggies®Simply Clean  Jrt®  Kimberly Clark  Kimberly-Clark Professional*  Kimcare®  Kimcare® General Luxury  Kimcare® Luxury  Kimguard  Kimtech Prep Wettask  KIMTECH PREP*  KIMTECH PREP* Kimtex*  KIMTECH SCIENCE* Kimwipes*  Kimtech Science* Kimwipes®  KIMTECH* Dual Performance  Kimtech* Wettask*  Kimwipes™  Kimwipes™ Kimtech Science®  Kleenex ®  Kleenex®  Kleenex® Boutique  Kleenex® Boutique*  Kleenex® Cottonelle®  Kleenex® Cottonelle® JRT®  Kleenex® Pocket Pack  Kleenex® Premiere*  Kleenex® Scottfold®  Kleenex® Ultra  Kleenex®Fresh On the Go  Kleenguard  Kleenguard A40  Kleenguard A60  Kleenguard A70  Kotex ® U  Kotex®  Kotex® Ultra Thin  Mod® Slimroll®  Poise ®  Poise ®Ultra Thin  Poise* Impressa*  Poise®  Poise® Impressa®  Pull-Ups ®  Pull-Ups ® Learning Designs ®  Pull-Ups®  Pull-Ups® Cool & Learn®  Pull-Ups® Learning Designs®  Pull-Ups® Learning Designs®  Pull-Ups® Night-Time®  Scott ® Essential*  Scott®  SCOTT® Continuous  Scott® JRT®  Scott® Scottfold®  Scott® Slimroll®  Scott® Surpass®  Surpass*  Tradition®  Tradition® JRT®  U by Kotex ® Security  U by Kotex ® Security ®  U by Kotex®  U by Kotex®  Wet Task ® Kimtech Prep*  WetTask®  Windows®  WypAll* L30  WypAll* L40  WypAll* L40 Professional  Wypall* X60  WypAll® L30  Wypall® L40  Wypall® X50  Wypall® X60  Wypall® X70  Wypall® X80 

Kimberly Clark Medical Supplies

Kimberly-Clark Corporation is an American personal care corporation that produces mostly paper-based consumer products. Kimberly-Clark brand name products include Kleenex facial tissue, Kotex feminine hygiene products, Cottonelle,Scott and Andrex toilet paper, Wypall utility wipes, KimWipes scientific cleaning wipes, and Huggies disposable diapers. Based in Irving, Texas, it has approximately 43,000 employees. Kimberly-Clark UK holds Royal Warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and from the Prince of Wales in the United Kingdom. Kimberly Clark is also listed among the Fortune 500. Subsidiaries under Kimberly-Clark include Kimberly-Clark Health Care and Kimberly-Clark Professional

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