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Complete Amino Acid Mix  Complex® Amino Acid Blend MSD  Duocal®  E028 Splash  Essential Amino Acid Mix  GA1 Anamix ®  GlutarAde Essential  HCU Anamix®  IVA Anamix ®  Ketocal 4:1  KetoCal® 3  KetoCal® 4  L-VALINE  Lanaflex  Liquigen  Lophlex®  Lophlex® LQ  Maxamaid®  Maxamum®  Milupa MSUD 2  Milupa OS 2  Milupa UCD 2  Milupa® Hom 2  MMA/PA Anamix ® Early Years  MMA/PA Anamix®  MMA/PA Anamix® Early Years  Monogen®  MSUD Aid  MSUD Analog  MSUD Analog™  MSUD Anamix®  MSUD Maxamaid  MSUD Maxamaid®  MSUD Maxamum  MSUD Maxamum®  Neocate Nutra  Neocate Splash  Neocate ® Splash  Neocate®  Neocate® Junior  Neocate® Junior with Prebiotics  Neocate® Splash  Neocate® Syneo  Nutilis Clear  NUTRICIA NORTH AMERICA  Pepdite®Junior  Periflex® Advance  Periflex® Infant PKU  Periflex® Junior  Periflex® Junior Plus  Periflex® LQ  PheBLOCLNAA  PhenylAde® GMP  PhenylAde® 60  PhenylAde® Essential  PhenylAde® MTE Amino Acid Blend  Phlexy-10  Phlexy-10® System  Phlexy-Vits®  PKU Lophlex LQ  PKU Periflex® Early Years  PolyCal  TYR Anamix® Infant  UCD Anamix Junior  XLeu Maxamaid®  XLeu Maxamum  XLeu Maxamum®  Xlys / XTryp Analog  XLys / XTryp Analog™  XMet Maxamaid  XMet Maxamaid®  XMet Maxamum  XMet Maxamum®  XMet XCys Maxamaid®  Xmet, XCys Maxamaid  XMTVI Analog  XMTVI Analog™  XMTVI Maxamaid®  XMTVI Maxamum®  Xphe Analog®  XPhe Analog™  XPhe Maxamaid®  XPhe Maxamum  XPhe Maxamum®  XPhe XTyr Maxamaid®  XPhe, XTyr Maxamaid 

Nutricia North America Medical Supplies

Nutricia North America is a specialized medical nutrition company. It is part of the Medical Nutrition Division of Groupe Danone, Paris. Nutricia manufactures products used in the management of severe allergic and gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic conditions as well as other conditions requiring nutritional therapy, including autism and intractable epilepsy.

Among other products, Nutricia manufactures Neocate, the first amino acid-based, hypoallergenic formulas... More